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Admin Application

What is your ingame/discord name?

Please link your steam account.

On which cluster are you playing?

On which server are you playing?
Valugero, Aberration, Extinction, Ragnarok

For how long have you played on the server?
Gotta guess since i didnt really track my time ~250h

Why would you like to become an admin?
I'd like to become an admin to be in charge to grow with this community and maintain the server. 🙂

Do you accept that you can be demoted at any given time. If you are abusing your powers?
It is part of the job, it can happen anwhere, anytime, so - yes.

Are you 12 years or older?
A "little" bit older 🙂

Extra info.
Not quite sure what to add - im kinda average regarding reading and speaking english. And i got a very little package of dutch skills 🙂

But there should be always a good way to communicate somehow with one another

Welcome aboard, you're the first not dutch or belgian admin 🙂