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Admin Application

Not sure if you are still looking for Admins but I can always try I guess

What is your ingame/discord name?

sem559 / sem559#3523

Please link your steam account.
On which cluster are you playing?
On which server are you playing?
I've been online on almost all free maps and Scorched Earth, except Valguero
For how long have you played on the server?
I started playing on here this week, the first server I joined since I came back to ark. I've spent about 10 hours on the server.
Why would you like to become an admin?
I like helping people out and I have only seen one admin since I joined, I also saw a lot of people ask if there was an Admin online and want to help them out.
Do you accept that you can be demoted at any given time. If you are abusing your powers?
Are you 12 years or older?
Yes, currently 16
Extra info.
I used to run among others my own ark server, and know a lot about how ark servers and game servers in general work.

Hope you are still accepting Admins.

Have a nice day,