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Admin Applications

Hello everyone

We are currently looking for:

  • PVE Cluster Admins
  • PVP Cluster Admins
  • Global Admins
  • Forum Moderators
  • A Cummunity Manager

As an admin you will mostly help people with things they can't do themselves by the means of admin commands like removing a wall that's inaccessable without noclip and refunding stuff from crashes etc...

Feel free to post your applications

The XS Admin Team

Please follow this template:

What is your ingame/discord name?
Please link your steam account.
[Steam URL]
On witch cluster are you playing?
On witch server are you playing?
[Map Name]
For how long have you played on the server?
Why would you like to become an admin?
[Short Text]
Do you accept that you can be demoted at any given time. If you are abusing your powers?
Are you 12 years or older?
Extra info.