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Admin/community manager


mijn vorige was fout

maar ik zou graag admin/community manager willen zijn

What is your ingame/discord name?
[Name] NathanR.
Please link your steam account.
[Steam URL]
On witch cluster are you playing?
On witch server are you playing?
[Map Name] crystal isle and ragnarok
For how long have you played on the server?
[Hours/Days/Years] 4 maanden
Why would you like to become an admin?
[Short Text] omdat ik het leuk vind en goed om kan geen met mensen en kan er goed naar luisten
Do you accept that you can be demoted at any given time. If you are abusing your powers?
[Yes/No] yes
Are you 12 years or older?
[Yes/No] yes
Extra info.
[Info] ik hoop dat ik mag

gr nathan

Perm Banned