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Admin/Cummunity Manager Application

What is your ingame/discord name?
Omega Cookie (previous names: IGN:EYOZ discord: Giran)
Please link your steam account.
[Steam URL]
On witch cluster are you playing?
On witch server are you playing?
[Map Name] Ragnarok, The island, The center, Crystal Isles, ...
For how long have you played on the server?
Around 250h or so don't keep track.
Why would you like to become an admin?
Because I have played with many people and want to help new guys.  I want to help people in need and make this server a better place for everybody.
Do you accept that you can be demoted at any given time. If you are abusing your powers?
Are you 12 years or older?
Extra info.
I would like to be a Community Manager because I like playing whit the community and putting up events.