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How do i join the server? / I can't see the server!

How do i join the server? / I can't see the server!


0a. Make sure that you have the map installed, and subscribe to all the mods the server is using.


PVE Mods

PVP Mods

0b. Make sure that the server that you are attempting to join is currently online. Best way is to have a look at Battlemetrics:

PvP - The Island

PvP - Ragnarok

PvP - The Center

PvP - Scorched Earth

PvP - Aberration

PvP - Extinction

PvP - Hope

PvP - Valguero

PvP - Genesis

PvE - The Island

PvE - Ragnarok

PvE - The Center

PvE - Scorched Earth

PvE - Aberration

PvE - Extinction

PvE - Valguero

PvE - Genesis

The servers restart automatically;

sometimes they might need to be manually restarted by the server owners.


Checked, I have the map and all mods installed, and the server is online, but still can't find/ join it!

1. Add the server IP to your favorites: >> [ENG] How To Add a ARK Server to your Favorites

Make sure you didn't paste a space into the address bar.

PvP IPs:

The Island -

The Center -

Ragnarok -

Scorched Earth -

Aberration -

Extinction -

Hope -

Valguero -

Genesis -

PvE IPs:

Island -

Center -

Scorched Earth -

Extinction -

Ragnarok -

Aberration -

Valguero -


Important: Use only the IP address found on the XS website or our discord, not the one from!

Make sure the address has the right port (so not "55555", "88888" etc!).

It says "server not responding"!

2. Ignore it. Launch ARK, filter servers by favorites (left bottom corner), it should appear on the list.


It didnt't work. I don't see the server on the list.

3. Restart the game and steam.


Still nothing!

4. Return to Steam server list, remove the IP and add it again. Return to step 2.


Still nothing!

5. Clean the filters on the top of the ingame server browser (map, pvp/pve etc.).

Make sure that "Show password protected" is off (bottom left corner). Refresh.


Still nothing!

6. Check if you can see this map on other servers (you can try the opposite cluster for example).


Still nothing!

7. Join a different map (like Center, Island, Ragnarok), go to an obelisk or a beacon and travel to another server.

If you are able to join this way, it will be added to your favorites automatically.


Still nothing!

8. Verify your game files. You might need to reinstall the map.


Still nothing!

9. Open a >> support ticket.





These steps solved all connection issues reported recently.

Make sure you follow all of them as long as your problem is solved.


The server admins will do all they can to help you, but they do it in their free time, and they have a lot of work

- so please respect them and submit a support ticket only if you went trough all the steps and they didn't help.

If you want to discuss your issue with the community, feel free to join our discord: