1.  No base blocking!
  2.  Don’t claim Airdrops or Loot crates!
  3. No Raiding in PvE, Go to PVP for that!

    (This includes drowning other players and locking in structures (like vaults) when the decay timer is passing low)

  4. You can’t have more then 3 bases or they will be removed!
  5. No capturing players!
  6. Finished taming? Clean up your taming pen!
  7. Griffin and Wyvern taming pens are allowed, but only if they are unlocked / usable to others! Pens that are locked – have no clear sign with the pincode will be removed.
  8. Don’t claim the following Sources:
  • Plant Z (Aberration)
  • City Terminals (Extinction)
  • Charging stations (Aberration)