1. No base building in caves with artifacts or drops in them. (underwater caves are allowed)
  2. No capturing players!
  3. Do not raid/grief/attack new players, let them grow.Do not Keep players small, you can raid the same tribe 3 times after having to pause for 15 days before you can raid them again. [Unless they raid you back in this timeframe]
  4. If you have raided someone you cannot peform any negative actions to them again for atleast 72 hours [3 days] (If the raided tribe attacks, you are allowed to defend)
  5. If you break an alliance, you have to inform the related tribe(s) about the break up. You’ll have to wait 24 hours until you can perform any negative actions, such as raiding, meat running or griefing.
  6. Under meshing is forbidden! Anything caught will be destroyed by us, this will count as a warning. If you continue you will get banned!
  7. The Titanosour and extinction titans cant be used for raiding!
  8. You can have only 3 bases on each server!
  9. You know when a player is new or not, don’t be stupid. You can check battlemetrics to check their hours on the server.
  10. Giga’s can’t be used for bosses!
  11. Banned Raiding strats: Forcefield on saddle, Forcefield spamming, Saddle Wall Blocking.